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TMS | Behavioral Treatment | Melville
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TMS | Behavioral Treatment | Melville
Finances & Insurance policy

Initial Consultation Fee
Initial consultation to evaluate the necessity of TMS treatment (which includes psychotropic medication history and implanted metals in body) and appropriate candidacy for TMS Therapy will be provided free of charge if your insurance is not accepted. If we do accept your insurance plan, then your insurance provider will be billed.

TMS Therapy Fees

Health Insurance Coverage
We understand that TMS Therapy can be expensive. TMS Therapy may be covered by your health insurance provider on a case-by-case basis. We can work with the NeuroStar Care Connection (NCC) program to seek coverage from your health insurance provider so you can receive TMS Therapy.

NeuroStar Care Connection (NCC) program Brochure
NeuroStar Care Connection Enrollment Form

It usually takes time for health insurance plans to establish coverage policies for newly approved technologies such as NeuroStar TMS Therapy. The main idea of the NeuroStar Care Connection program staff is to help you by assisting in securing coverage. In the mean time, it is patient’s responsibility to pay fees for services basis. TMS Therapy can be paid from your healthcare flexible spending account.

The links below contain financial assistance information for those who need it. You can also work with Clark Behavioral Health Financing to develop a financing plan, if needed. Please download following Brochure for detailed information

Clark Financing Brochure

We encourage you to explore these options. You can also discuss these options with a consulting psychiatrist at your scheduled consultation appointment. To schedule an appointment please

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