TMS | Behavioral Treatment | Melville
TMS | Behavioral Treatment | Melville
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TMS | Behavioral Treatment | Melville
Psychiatric Services

Patient comfort is our priority. We make sure that we provide a comfortable, non-judgmental, and relaxed environment for our patients. The initial consultation consists of a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation during which we find out about your symptoms, past history, and any other treatment you may have gone through in the past. The evaluation is part conversation and part filling out rating scales. Based on the evaluation, we come up with an appropriate treatment plan that we explain in detail to our patients so they know exactly what and why a certain treatment is being carried out. Questions are highly encouraged.

At Suffolk Behavioral Medicine, we treat:

  • TMS Therapy for Medication Resistant Depression
  • Complex Psychopharmacology
  • OCD and OCD Spectrum Conditions
  • Mood Disorders
  • Opioid Addiction with Suboxone Induction and Maintenance Treatment

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